About us

Stafford Community Organisers have been in Stafford since December 2012. At first working within certain areas namely Highfields, Rising Brook and Silkmore but have branched out to support the whole of Stafford now. Continuing to focus on building relationships and mobilising people within our local communities.

We encourage communities to take action for themselves. stand up and be accounted with full support from your local Community organiser. Community Organisers (COs) listen to the concerns of their community and help them to take action on the issues that matter most to them and create that positive change that is needed.

2011 – 2015: The original Community Organisers Programme
The Community Organisers Programme was a four-year national training programme that began in 2011, designed and run by Locality and funded by the Cabinet Office. The programme was run with several partners, including the key training partner, RE:generate.
The programme ended in summer 2015, but a legacy organisation – The Company of Community Organisers (COLtd) – was formed to support the ongoing training and development of community organisers. CoLtd is taking forward the legacy of the Community Organisers programme as an independent body supporting the community organising movement.
2015 – 2016: Connecting with Community Rights
Between 2015 and 2016, COLtd supported 27 neighbourhood projects to connect with the Localism Act (including Neighbourhood Planning and the Community Right to Bid) helping thousands of residents to get involved in new ways in their communities.

Stafford Community Organisers at Old Chapel Works raised an awareness campaign around Community Rights during that period. Nationally Projects included community-led responses to housing, listing assets of community value and supporting local people to get involved for the first time in neighbourhood planning.

2017 – Present: Delivering the Community Organisers Expansion Programme

Company of Community Organisers are currently managing the “Community Organiser Expansion Programme” In 2017, Community Organisers secured a major £4.2m contract from the Office for Civil Society – part of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport – to expand the network of people involved with community organising from 6,500 to 10,000 by 2020. This ambitious expansion is increasing the numbers of people engaged in community organising across England and is enabling people to take greater control of their neighbourhoods and create strong, resilient communities that work for everyone.
So far, the whole programme has trained over 2,000 people since 2017 and has created a network of Social Action Hubs (SAH), that together form the National Academy of Community Organising.

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