Mill Street Family Project

The Mill Street Family project has been established to enable the support of families in the community.We are based at the County Stores Supermarket on Mill Street 

We are built on the understanding how difficult life can become when providing Clothes and Toys for Children which are made harder when we suffer from the circumstances of a pandemic.

We are Here to be able to provide clothing for children and even adults when required. 

We make sure they have age appropriate toys they are able to play with and enjoy. 

We are very reliant on donations and have been very lucky that have community have supported to get started.

We are here to help the community. This means even if Clothes and toys are not required but a chat is needed, we will have a chat.

As a parent myself and struggled with homelessness i know first hand how it feels to be unable to get what you need for your children.

Having been through this i am even more motivated to help any parents who might be in similar situations. 

We are based at the County Stores Supermarket and open on Tuesdays and thursdays at 12pm – 3pm

if u know anyone, or you yourself are struggling.

Please Get in touch with any support needs

we are here to help.

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